Monday, November 2, 2009

How to get back your ex boyfriend

For one reason or another you found your way here and since you are sitting there reading this right now it would actually be nice if you were to relax and start feeling good as you actually have come to the right place. Now, I of course do not know the actual reason for why you look for ways to get back your ex boyfriend but I do know of a couple of extremely important understandings that you need to poses in order to “successfully” achieve your goal of getting back together with your ex and I like to give them to you. It has come to my attention that some females find it extremely difficult to get rejected (no matter the reasons) and as a result they do almost anything to win, sometimes they lower them self’s to ridicules levels in desperation to impress their men (as if that ever would work) listen, do not follow thus females.

There are good ways to make your ex boyfriend pay attention to you but it has to happen the way us “men” want it to happen, we respond in different ways to things than women does which is why most of the relationship tips you received from girls doesn’t work like you probably wished they would. It is kind of the equivalent of the following - one guy asks another guy - how do I get the girls to like me? And the answer he receives is -“Tell´em what they want to hear no matter what and they’ll love you” The reason I decided to blog about this in the first place is because I believe that there is a huge need for this type of support for ladies, sure you can read some relationship tips on your favorite website by the local dating queen who claims to know everything there is to know about the inner workings of the male brain, what we men want and need etc but there is probably not that many places to get tips and advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back by this guy who use to do anything to find out how to get the ex girlfriend to lose interest.

Listen, if you wish to "get back your ex boyfriend" than you need to know that there is things that will backfire in your attempts so don’t even bother with them. Calling your ex ten times a day crying and begging for a second shot at it will not work. Showing up at random places where he usually goes to walk around acting indifferent and “hard to get”, yes it will fail to. I know nothing about your relationship of course, I don’t know if you dumped him and now want him back or if he broke up with you, if there was infidelity involved in the breakup and so on but no matter what, in order to repair your relationship you guys need a fresh start and you get that by starting all over. You want get your ex boyfriend back by pleading to his guilt feelings or fears of losing you (especially not if he actually wants to move on) that kind of behavior would only support his decision to leave. As you may know by now, we man are lazy and egoistic and any relationship that could be considered a burden is what we pack up and flee from. Unless your ex is a nice guy who actually care for other people, in that case you might get an advantage over him with the tears and he will be all miserable because he is stuck with you and can’t leave.

Let me put it like this to explain what I’m saying, when you and your ex met and fell in love with each other it happened in a certain way, you were with each other, probably had a good time and shared some laughs, maybe you sat there and began to notice something about the person that made you feel a certain way. Now, my point is that it happened during pleasant circumstances. Would you agree on that? Okay now, like I said earlier - in order to understand "how to get back your ex boyfriend" you need a fresh start with each other why? Because if you want to "make your ex boyfriend love you again" you need to, either reawaken thus feelings and make him realize he loves you or, make him fall in love with you all over again and that will only happen once his defense is down, the defense he throws up to guard himself from your attempts because he knows what you are doing.

If your ex boyfriend is rejecting everything you try to tell him, than now you know why. He is defending himself to in order to stand by his decision and it is not necessarily a good decision but it could be the best one available for him so fare and you need present him a better alternative. Would five to ten phone calls a day be the way to convince him? No, what is in it for him? Frustration and nothing more. Like I said when you fell in love with each other it happened during good times, there was no crying involved, there was no begging and pleading, there was no fighting and arguing. Only laughs and play. And that is why you need a fresh start, in order to bring back the good feeling and hock up again it has to be possible in the first place. You want nice feelings associated with you and that will not happen if you cause any type of drama.


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